Acupuncture for Prevention of Colds

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We all know the symptoms. It starts with a sniffle or a sore throat, then turns into a runny nose, sneezing and coughing, along with headache, fever, chills and fatigue. Before you know it, you’re tucked up under a blanket surrounded by tissues and eating chicken soup.

The common cold is a respiratory virus that you catch from someone else. Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections so your doctor will not prescribe medication unless your cold has turned into something more serious. The symptoms occur because your immune system is trying to remove the invading virus from your body to protect you. Over-the-counter cold medication will help suppress the symptoms so they are less severe, which makes you feel better but doesn’t help cure you. A cold needs to run its course while your body fights it.

Your immune system defends your body every day from viruses and bacteria which could cause illness. A weakened immune system will find it harder to fight off a cold. A strong immune system may prevent the cold from taking hold in the first place. We often catch a cold when we don’t look after ourselves properly, life gets busy and we start to feel a bit run down. There is never a good time to be sick with a cold but trying to carry on as normal can make us even more tired and stressed. Drinking fluids and getting enough rest will help your natural self-healing system.

We get sick when our body is out of balance. Acupuncture brings our body back into balance and helps to strengthen our immune system which prevents us from getting sick in the first place. Our immune system is our natural defence against illness and as prevention is easier than cure, it makes sense to ensure that our immune system is in tip top condition. Regular acupuncture once a month will help to keep your body balanced and your immune system strong. Book now to start strengthening your immune system in the fight against colds and viral infections.

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