Be Content In The Lazy Hazy Days Of Summer

Summer Foxglovesjpg

21st June 2022 is the summer solstice with the longest day and shortest night, bringing maximum light and minimum darkness. The wheel of life has turned from spring to summer.

Summer brings us feelings of lightness, happiness and openness. In years gone by, summer was a time for celebrating and relaxing when maximum growth was nearly complete after a busy spring. Crops had grown and everyone could enjoy themselves before harvest time arrived.

Fire is the element associated with summer giving us warmth, passion and vitality, whether it’s a crackling campfire, a romantic candle or the light of the sun. It allows us to love, to be spontaneous, and to live in the moment and feel alive.

Fire allows a person to communicate, make connections and develop relationships. It thrives on social interaction and attracting attention. It is colourful and extravagant. Fire is driven by fun, with sparkling eyes full of joy and enthusiasm. It wants you to join in the excitement, the smiles and laughter are contagious.

Fire is hot and active, quickly rising upward and outward, speeding things up and promoting activity and transformation. Fire creates heat which is essential to life and growth but too much heat can destroy life, withering and burning crops. If the Fire gets out of control, a charismatic personality turns fanatic, always laughing and partying, constantly seeking joy, needing more and more each time. Too little heat and life falters, growth is limited and crop yield is low. An undernourished Fire seems cold and distant, with a lack of spark, craving connection but being incapable of nurturing it. If a person lacks the fire of enthusiasm they become inhibited which leads to insecurity, and the passionate fire is suffocated by doubt and worry. Does this sound like you? Are you feeling a bit out of control and burnt out, or feeling like you’ve lost your spark and your get-up-and-go?  If so, perhaps your Fire element is out of balance.

 “Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames.”


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