Feel Inspired And Let Go In Autumn

Autumn leavesJPG

23rd September 2022 is the autumn equinox when once again day and night are equal, light and dark are balanced. We say goodbye to carefree summer and abundant late summer and turn towards autumn when we start to slow down and take stock of what is needed to get through the colder, darker months. It is a chance to release the past and move forward with clarity. The trees have a colourful patchwork of leaves before they tumble through the crisp air to create a carpet that crunches under our feet. The leaves eventually become nutrients that are stored in the tree roots over the winter.

Autumn is a time to let go of things we no longer need or have lost, so that we can accept change and make room for new things.  Letting go allows us to realise what is most important to us so that we recognise what we still have and can decide to move forward with it. Letting go is part of the grief process which some people try to avoid because they don’t want to experience its pain, or they associate grief with weakness.

Metal is the element associated with autumn, cutting through life’s clutter and debris allowing clear and precise thought processes to give us order, structure and precision, as well as a sense of purpose and self-esteem.  In years gone by, autumn was the time when abundance was past its peak and people had to be sensible to make supplies last over the coming months. It was important to be level-headed and keep on top of things.

Metal likes to maintain boundaries and values traditions but can become opinionated if it tries too rigidly to stick to a principle. Goals are assessed and then pursued to perfection. However this desire for perfectionism can make it difficult to let go, leading to a lack of motivation, depression and despair. The structured order turns to chaos.

Does this sound like you? Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel easily overwhelmed if everything isn’t perfect? Is your house immaculately clean and tidy, or is it cluttered and full of things you no longer use? Are you holding on to memories of something that happened in the past which is stopping you moving forward? Has life lost its purpose and you have a feeling of hopelessness? If so, perhaps your Metal element is out of balance.

 “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”


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