Five Element Acupuncture

Traditional five element acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese philosophy that says we are all made of the five elements but one is our dominant element which is where any imbalance will begin. What element are you - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water? That is what I will work out during an initial five element consultation when a full medical history is taken including your symptoms, diet, lifestyle and emotional health. The first treatment will then check for blocks in the energy flowing around your body. Subsequent treatments will be tailor-made to suit your element to treat any imbalances in your body that may be affecting your health, either mentally or physically.  Symptoms are healed by treating the root cause of the problem.  Your initial five element consultation including first treatment will take around 1.5 hours, with follow up treatments of around 1 hour.

Initial consultation & first treatment £55
Follow up acupuncture £40

Injuries & Pain Relief

Do you suffer from an injury due to work or sports or simply because your body is wearing out as you get older? Acupuncture can often help to relieve those aches, and can effectively provide pain management in many circumstances. A treatment will usually target the painful area but other acupuncture points may also be used.  If you are looking for pain relief, book a 1 hour injury acupuncture appointment and see the benefits for yourself.

Acupuncture for injuries £40

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Do you ever look at your face in the mirror and then wish you hadn't? Our face ages as we get sags, wrinkles appear. Acupuncture can help to tighten facial muscles and reduce lines and wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes and mouth. This treatment is finished with a relaxing facial massage to help you feel rejuvenated. A course of 10 weekly 1 hour treatments is recommended to get the best results, followed by top ups at monthly intervals.

Cosmetic acupuncture £75 per treatment
**Special Offer - 10 treatments for £600**
Pay £75 for treatments 1-8 and treatments 9 & 10 are free

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Cancellation Policy

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment online up to 12 hours before the appointment using the link in the booking confirmation email or text. You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment which also has the link. You can also call, email or text me to change your appointment.

I understand that plans can change so if you do need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, I ask that you do this before the day of your appointment. I also know that life can be unpredictable and you may need to change your appointment at short notice. If this happens on the day of your appointment you may be charged 50% of the cost of the treatment and the full price if you fail to arrive without letting me know. This is because time and resources will have already been used in preparing for your appointment and it is too late to offer the time slot to anyone else. Circumstances will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you are running late for your appointment, please try to let me know you are on your way. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, there may not be enough time to carry out a full treatment but you will still be charged the full amount.