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Movement is essential to life and health. A metal gate will rust in place if it is not opened and closed regularly. Our joints become stiff and painful if we sit for too long. Water becomes stagnant if it cannot flow. Qi (pronounced chee) is our life force energy which flows around our body in channels called meridians. When our qi energy is balanced and flowing freely around our body, we feel well and healthy. When our qi energy has become stuck somewhere, our body is out of balance so we get ill and pain occurs. Pain can be classed as physical such as a sore back or arthritis or a headache, or it can be mental/emotional such as stress or anxiety. During an acupuncture session, the needles encourage any stuck qi to start moving again so that balance is restored to your body helping to keep you healthy and pain free. Ready to make the first move? Book an acupuncture treatment with Kathy Hitchens at Balancing Acupuncture in Truro.

Where there is no movement there is pain where there is movement there is no painjpg