How are YOU today?

There are two days in every week that we have no control over – Yesterday and Tomorrow. Today is the only day we can change.

Yesterday with all its mistakes, regrets, sorrow and pain is gone. However much we try, we cannot bring back Yesterday and we cannot undo what was said and done.

Tomorrow with all its promises, disappointments and burdens is not yet here. The only certainty about Tomorrow is that the sun will rise and if we’re lucky we will shine in its golden glow but if it is masked behind the clouds we will dance in the raindrops knowing the sun is lighting our way.

So we are left with Today and we can manage to get through one day. It is the overwhelming thoughts of Yesterday and Tomorrow that become too much for us. Don’t live in the bitterness of Yesterday or the dread of Tomorrow, but live in the moment of what Today brings. Be aware of your surroundings, acknowledge your emotions, remember to breathe and focus on moving forward one day at a time.

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Live in the present moment the past is behind us the future is yet unwrittenjpg